Parish Council and Trustees

Parish Council

The Parish Council is comprised of lay people who desire to serve the church in handling the daily operations of the parish, "the business of the world".  They work with the pastor to ensure the proper function of the church by taking care of the various properties.

The Parish Council structure is madeup of an Executive Board (Pastor, President, First Vice President, Second Vice President [if elected], Secretary and Treasurer) and Board of Trustees [Minimum of 7] and Three Auditors.

St. John's currently maintains the following properties:  Church, Rectory, Church School/Hall, Liberty Building and two Adjacent Parking lots and 2 Cemeteries.


President - Vacant

Vice President - Steve Wythe

Treasurer - Kim Kuzma

Secretary - George Maslow

Trustees - Stephen Gallant, George, Gray, Wayne Petersen, John Sasala, John Seniakevich, Stephen Wythe

Auditors - Eileen Haluska, Judi Petersen, Sharon Sarno